OMR Software: Overview

Multigraphics provides OMR Reader which includes OMR Sheet reader Software. OMR Reader is an Indian product developed by qualified, well experienced & dedicated team to ensure the quality & efficiency.

With help of OMR reader you can read scanned OMR Sheet with in three clicks, for scanning of OMR sheet you can use any normal ADF scanner. OMR Reader gives you 100% accurate result and export data into Text and Excel formats. Smart Reader is used and trusted by more than 1000 customers in India.

OMR Reader:
OMR Reader Software is a fast and efficient way of checking and marking objective examinations OMR Software reads OMR Sheets and produces detailed reports, which allow for in-depth analysis of individual students, groups of students, questions and topics.
OMR Solution considerably saves time, but it is the reporting facility that often proves to be of most interest as it allows for an analysis of student understanding of items of knowledge and has implications for potential improvements in teaching and learning.

Exam Pattern & Evaluation Modes:
OMR Reader strongly supports all pattern used in entrance examination of IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CBSE, CPMT, CPT, CAT etc. you can use OMR Reader for evaluation of Psychometric Test or Surveys.

OMR Software: Specification

MUltiple choice questions:
Multiple choice questions are a form of assessment in which respondents are asked to select the best possible answer (or answers) out of the choices from a list.

Evaluation Pattern
Single Choice Question: Negative marking is supported .

Multiple Choice Question: If answer is A & B then there can be three possibilities:
» Student can fill C & D = Wrong
» Student can fill A & B = Right
» Student can fill A & C or C & B = in this case student has attempted one correct option so for the corrected part marks can be allotted.

Matrix Question ( Row matching):
Match Matrix is a new format of questions introduced in IIT-JEE examination. This question have 16 options in the form of P-Q-R-S, this 16 options are divided in 4 parts.

Evaluation Pattern:
Partial marks and total marks for the questions can be given separately.

Numeric Response Questions (Integer value answer):
Numerical Question is new format of questions introduced in IIT-JEE examination. In this question student have to fill the value of the answer in bubble format.

Evaluation Pattern:
Negative marking is supported.